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Back on the LA scene! UK Athletics Olympic Medalist Tasha Danvers, having recently closed the chapter on her 20-year
professional sports career, has returned to Los Angeles, CA to launch the entertainment phase of The Danvers Experience.

The vivacious University of Southern California graduate, champion and Hall of Fame member possesses an array of talents from hosting to acting to singing all to be showcased right here on the all new home of “Ms. Personality.”  Check back
frequently for the latest appearances and happenings in the world of Ms. Personality, Tasha Danvers.

Staying connected with her athletic endeavors, Tasha is also a personal trainer bringing the ‘personality to the performance’ and works closely with children via her Tasha’s FitKidz Club ® making health and fitness not only effective but fun!

An accomplished motivational speaker and author, she has recently released her brand new book entitled Start to Finish: Running Your Race to Success aimed at helping people achieve their life’s aspirations and overcoming the hurdles just as Tasha did along her journey to realizing her dream of becoming an Olympic champion. … where ingenuity and inspiration artistically intertwine!

more personality coming soon