I'm Tasha Danvers! 2-time Olympian, Olympic Medalist, Motivational Speaker & Coach with an undeniable passion for people and assisting them in creating ultimate success in their lives.

People often wonder if my Olympic success has been the catalyst for my ability to help people succeed! But since I was a youngster I always had a passion for helping people. My mum would tell me I was her little counsellor and wondered how I came up with some of the advise I would give her when I'd barely been on the planet a decade.

Needless to say, for me, nothing has changed! I still have an intense passion to speak change into people's lives. There is nothing greater than seeing the light go on and the spark in people's eyes when something you've done or said inspires them to shift their thinking, change their actions, and in turn change their lives for the better!

So whether it's a fan following my posts, friend, family member, student at a keynote speech, or CEO at a corporate presentation my goal is to inspire positive change.  I strive to create a spark in people that lasts a lifetime and elevates them to places they may not have believed they could reach.  But, most importantly my goal is to connect with people in a fun and inspiring way that let's them know that they matter and their success is a success for everyone!

When one wins, we all win!

Tasha Danvers

If you're looking for a LASTING lifetime transformation of your mind, body, soul, or finances... Contact me to see how we can work together to achieve your dreams!

BELIEVE it's possible. GIVE your all. IMPACT the world.


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