Originally I wrote this lengthy heartfelt explanation of what this website and my mission is all about, but the bottom line is I want to help people, I love helping people, I'm passionate about helping people and it means a great deal to me when someone says "Tash, that advise you gave me really helped" or "Thanks for the tip you gave me it really changed things for me."

To me, that is what life is all about.  Sharing my gifts, talents, time, knowledge and experience in a way that makes a difference, in a way that makes an impact.  

That said, I still meant everything I said in my lengthy heartfelt explanation, so you're welcome to read it, it's available below.  


I’m Tasha Danvers 2008 Olympic Medalist.

I’m dedicated to helping people realize their worth, identify their gifts and talents, and turn those talents into usable skills that can create an exceptional and fulfilling life and career.  But, more importantly... I'm dedicated to keeping you motivated long enough to see all of your dreams become reality.  I take everyday people with ambition and give them the competitive edge, and the drive of an Olympic athlete.  I'll show you how to generate the motivation that gets you to the finish line!



Life is an adventure, and making history in my sport against all odds was no exception.  There were 8 years, a degree, a marriage, a baby, and many other life events between my first Olympics in Sydney and my second in Beijing.  After making the final in Sydney, I knew I had the ability to become an Olympic Medalist, but how would I stay motivated to push my body to the envelope for almost a decade?  Staying motivated is the key to achieving any significant long-term goal.  Logic says that if it’s your goal, you should naturally be motivated to achieve it. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, especially when the unexpected gets in the way.  Staying motivated through the hills and valleys of life is not always an easy task and it’s the reason people procrastinate and dreams get left on the Maybe-One-Day pile.  Helping people grab hold of their dreams, navigate obstacles, and stay the course to success is my mission!  Are you ready to create even more joy and success in your life? Are you ready to get focused and commit to being your best? I will show you how to apply the skills that created my Olympic success, to your life day after day, week after week, and year after year.  I will show you how to stay motivated so that you can create your own incredible success story!!  


I’ve always had a great passion for people! I remember my mother telling me, that as young as 8 years old, I was giving her advice on how to navigate through life.   As I got older I could not seem to get my hands on enough, shows, books, courses, articles, or documentaries on people, their challenges, their mindset, what inspired and motivated them, and what caused them to fail or succeed.  I knew early on that I really wanted people to understand their value, their gifts and their talents, and then take that knowledge and do something great with it no matter how long it might take.


As an Olympic Medalist there seems to be an unwritten expectation that you can conquer the world in any area of life (and secretly I want to believe that's true).  So, after a successful 20-year professional sports career, one would expect that I would glide smoothly into the next chapter of my life right?  Not so!  I found myself feeling lost.  It was time to venture into new territory, but sports had been my life…  my entire life.  I was unsure of what move to make next, what talent to focus on, or how I would even move forward if I could make a decision.  All these skills, all these resources, all the experience, all the success and I still felt stuck.  So what next?

Revamp! Restart! 

I needed a new goal, a new motivation, and a new focus, but I didn’t see how I could apply my old skills to the new vision for my life.  It was time to start realizing my worth, get clear about what I wanted to do, and figure out how to achieve it.  It was time to revamp and restart!  Time to bring forth all the skills that had allowed me to become an NCAA champion, to be inducted into the USC Track and Field Hall of Fame, to be the second British woman in history to make two Olympic finals, and become an Olympic medalist.  Talking with people after workshops and speeches, I realized that success had a blueprint and the same skills I had acquired to achieve Olympic success could be directly applied to other areas and walks of life for anyone.

Success is Imminent.

With the right combination of belief, skills, talents, focus and dedication, success in imminent.  My journey continues, and if you aspire to always be your best self, yours will too.  So let's identify your goals and start... Making it Happen!  Let's take this journey together, stretch ourselves, and watch as our imaginations come to life! 


BELIEVE it's possible.  GIVE your all.  IMPACT the world.


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