The Immrama Institute was created with the goal of sharing the exciting life-changing effects of brainwave technology with others who look to improve their lives, their mental and emotional well-being, and even their physical health.

Boost your intuition.

Have you ever noticed how life seems so effortless for some people?

What if every time you encountered a challenge – big or small – your mind immediately presented you with the ideal solution, the one you knew in your gut was right, and everything worked out exactly like you’d hoped? What if you could tap into this ability at will to help you handle all of life’s challenges?

Increase your intuition and watch as it guides you toward the right decisions.

Notice a dramatic increase in your self-awareness as you effortlessly come up with new and innovative ways to tackle life’s challenges.

The Infinity Program boosts your natural intuitive ability, with no effort required.


Get deep restful sleep!

Are you tired of waking up each morning feeling drained and exhausted as if you haven’t slept at all?

Fall asleep quickly, get healthy restorative sleep, and awaken feeling alert and refreshed.

Finally conquer the exhaustion and mental fog that comes with insomnia

Serenity Sleep System offers you an effective, drug-free way to achieve deep restful sleep.



Increase your concentration! 

Do you have trouble concentrating?

Do you have difficulty working or studying without your mind constantly bouncing from one topic to another and then another, seemingly beyond your control?

The Focus Program can help you 

Improve your levels of focus, clarity, and concentration
Boost your productivity
Keep your attention focused on the task at hand, and 
Improve your memory


Lose weight quickly and easily 

Would you like to lose weight and keep it off for good? 

Supercharge your weight loss? 
Increase your motivation? 
Reduce cravings? 
Reduce stress hormones that interfere with weight loss? 

What can you do to fight this urge to overeat?

Learn how you can retrain your brain, boost your willpower, and banish those cravings with the Mindpower Weight Loss Program. 


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