TASHA is a dynamic charismatic engaging speaker who uses her natural humor and personality to motivate people with her story of triumph. She aims to awaken and inspire the personal greatness that resides within each individual. Her unforgettable presentations leave listeners ready to bring on success in both their personal and business lives.

Her powerful speeches are tailored for each audience and attendants will be inspired to:

  • Develop the attitude of a champion.
  • Set goals for teams and individuals.
  • Create visions that inspire themselves and others.
  • Overcome personal and professional hurdles.
  • Understand the value of true commitment.
  • Take ownership of both successes and failures to create a productive environment.
  • Development leadership skills that make an impact.
  • Generate motivation from within.
  • Manage change and become proactive not reactive.

From schools to corporate events, or coaching at sports clinics to hosting live award shows, I thoroughly enjoy all the clients I work for and with. Whether I'm inspiring business leaders or letting school children wear my Olympic medal, I take pride in making sure that every event I attend is an inspir ational and fun experience. But, I guess it doesn't matter what I think, here's what others had to say:

"“Tasha is brilliant to work alongside - her enthusiasm and genuine passion for both sports and music make her the perfect Ambassador. Students warm to her engaging style and natural charm. Staff respect her knowledge and talent. Working with her is an uplifting experience for everyone. Tasha has an infectious energy. It has been a joy getting to know her and we are proud to have her in our team.” "

Head of Specialism Strategy, Youth Sports Trust

"“You were inspirational and were able to engage our graduates and their guests, demonstrating how achieving one goal in life should inspire you to go on and do more.” "

Croydon College

"“Tasha was truly inspirational and I have blown up a picture of us with her and put it up on my office wall for motivation.”"

Aviva Business Conference

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